Happy Festivus 2015!

Air your grievances, watch short Festivus Films, read about the essentials of "the holiday," and view photos of cats named Festivus!

Plus learn about the book: Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us, which shows in hilarious detail the stunning, bizarre and controversial ways real people all over the world are actually celebrating the holiday that *most* learned about from Seinfeld (Kids: It was a popular "television" series from the 1990s).

In the book you can read all about Festivus traditions such as the Feats of Strength, Festivus beers, the Festivus Snail and the replacement of holiday totems such as the inflatable snowman, the edible candelabra, and the artificial Christmas tree with an unadorned aluminum pole.

Click on one of the pictures to the right to explore the world of Festivus, or order the Festivus Author's new book! From Scratch: The Uncensored History of the Food Network